Going beyond pedestrianization and accessibility; achieve spaces for all people of all ages; and making the city a healthier, friendlier, more inclusive, intergenerational and global community are some of the challenges of the III RIES18 Forum to be held in Pontevedra on October 24th, 25th and 26th, organized by the Galician Health Cluster (CSG).

An international meeting with speakers of exceptional prestige and recognition with whom the participants will be able to interact in person and directly.

The RIES18 Forum will undoubtedly transform the Smart City concept itself, debating more about smart citizenship and not so much about smart cities; technology at the service of people; Accessible, humanized, biosafety communities, in which all people and all ages have a place, with special attention to the senior, dependent or disabled group.

Among the speakers at the RIES18 Forum are the eminent researcher, university professor, expert in intelligent control of complex systems and professor of the Sorbonne Territory, Carlos Moreno, who, together with the current French Prime Minister, Edouard Philipe and the economist, politician French intellectual and Jacques Attali were the organizers of the LH International Forum on Positive Economics in Le Havre, through the ‘Positive Planet’, a foundation chaired precisely by Attali.

Thus, Moreno, after co-organizing the Le Havre forum, travels to Pontevedra to star in the III RIES18 Forum to continue the themes presented, including the application of technology at the service of people of all ages.

Essence of the III RIES18 Forum

The biggest challenge of the forum, explains the President of the Organizing Committee, Lucía Saborido, “is to analyze the great impact that environments, spaces and infrastructures, in this case of cities, have on improving the health and quality of life of their habitants”. Thus, its program will discuss and present the latest advances, innovations and solutions in the health and social sector in Galicia, Spain and the rest of the world, to make cities as healthy, livable and integrative communities as possible.

Program and speakers

As Gisela García Álvarez, cluster manager of the organizing entity, the Galician Health Cluster (CSG), clarifies, “we have designed the program of the III Forum RIES18 with the references of innovation, internationalization and training of the sector, always seeking development economic as a result and the collaboration of the agents who work in it ”.

And, of course, she stresses, “so that the project has continuity and a determined strategic line and does not become only a declaration of intention.”

A program that, he says, “will place us in the global human and technological context of Smart Cities” with the prominent presence, for example, of Carlos Moreno and the founder and president of the Israel Smart City Institute, Edna Pasher who will talk about information technology at the service of health in this type of city.

The forum is completed with presentations and presentations by a team of experts related to the European network of health ecosystems to which the CSG belongs, who lead the Galicia region; various regional, national and European debates on current and future health technologies or projects; and various practical workshops around the main themes of the meeting: technological advances in improving health, mobility, technology, intergenerational relationships, active aging and others.