The Organizing Committee of the III RIES18 Forum held a ‘Pechakucha’ at the Casa da Luz in Pontevedra. A meeting between cluster partners, Premium sponsors and guests with a current, modern and very dynamic format that facilitates direct and personal contact to create synergies, collaboration and common projects for the immediate future and, of course, to know the latest developments and news of the sector.

Its objective is to create a pleasant environment in which the speakers of the RIES2018 Forum, the member companies of the Galician Health Cluster and the local collaborators can carry out informal networking and engage in conversations in a relaxed way.

What´s a PechaKucha

PechaKucha is a Japanese term that means “whisper”, “chatter” or “conversation”. It is also a presentation format created in Japan in 2003 that has spread in event mode to more than 560 cities worldwide.

How is the 20 x 20 format like?

PechaKucha events are informal, fun and enjoyable meetings where different professionals meet and share their ideas and projects in a 20 × 20 format (20 images with a 20-second duration each).

It is also a presentation format created in which a group of presenters talk about their projects through 20 images, each lasting 20 seconds.

Future entities

Thus, Carlos Moreno, Edna Pasher, Piret Hirv and Joan Cornet were able to debate, share experience and propose projects with the heads of entities associated with the Galician Health Cluster and related to it:

Envita, an online platform that makes it easier for healthcare professionals to carry out, with the collaboration of users and family members, the ‘life projects’ of the elderly users of their day centers and permanent housing.

Selmark Care, is a Galician manufacturer and distributor of a line of products with fabrics, patterns and the most appropriate technology, to be able to offer solutions at crucial and delicate moments in women’s lives (recovery processes after radiotherapy, mastectomy, lactation, etc.) .

Caldaria, the Galician Spa and Hotels company, presented the health and health tourism services with which it carries out its work. Among them, Caldaria Salud, therapeutic programs with medicinal mining water; spa programs throughout Galicia; and Caldaria Wine Tourism that allows the visit of vineyards and wineries of Ribeiro wine, completed with relaxation offer in the establishments of the entity.

Centro Médico El Carmen, the private General Hospital in charge of providing comprehensive medical-surgical services for clients in the city and other countries through Health Tourism. Its managers presented the thermal techniques and tourist activities of the area with which they complete their treatments and the technological advances available to them, in addition to their professional staff specialized in each area.