The Galician Health Cluster´s Manager, Gisela García Álvarez











The Galician Health Cluster (CSG) is a business cooperation project made up of more than 60 companies and partner entities from the health, food and health partner sectors. Its main objective is to be a professional collaboration platform between SMEs, Multinationals, Start-ups / Entrepreneurs, Universities, Technology Centers, Research Foundations, Professional Colleges and Patient Associations. The union of the capacities of the associates strengthens the position of the CSG in the Galician Health Ecosystem, configuring itself as a guiding beacon in the achievement of a model centered on the patient, and based on innovation.

Among the main objectives of the CSG are the debate, reflection and implementation of the proposals that are generated around the world around smart, friendly and healthy cities. The innovations, advances and changes that are proposed throughout the planet in the field of Smart Cities cannot be a mere declaration of intent, but must be translated into concrete projects. And, in that sense, one of the purposes of the CSG is to collaborate in the transformation of cities from a perspective in which technology is at the service of health in urban life and that these population centers become a living entity, dynamic, healthy …

Challenges and opportunities of the RIES Forum

What tools do you have for this? Fully committed to society, the Galician Health Cluster organizes the Forum RIES. This annual international forum addresses the challenges and opportunities of health on a global scale and the solutions that can be offered from Galicia.

In this sense, the CSG’s future strategy is to promote the cohesion of the macrosector of health in Galicia, under the umbrella of innovation and developing actions on three fundamental axes: support for innovation, the internationalization of said innovation and the business training.

This implies uniting growth that strengthens our value chains, with representative entities and drivers of the sector that makes the CSG a unique voice in the sector.

For this reason, the CSG directly invites all health and socio-health agents to participate in and be part of the Forum. Also to be a reference and have a platform for it, as it has been doing for the last three years with the Forum.

Reference meeting

In fact and without a doubt, the RIES Forum has become the benchmark event in the health and socio-health sector where regional, national and international actors come together to share the challenges of the sector and share the different strategies to tackle them.

The RIES Forum focuses on innovation in health, treating, each year, a specific theme and choosing the location of the Galician geographical area that best represents this challenge. This year’s theme, “Smart, friendly and healthy cities”, pointed to Pontevedra, an international benchmark for its “walkable” city model, as the host city.

Gisela García Álvarez, cluster manager of the Galician Health Cluster.