An important part of the III RIES18 Forum was represented by the ‘Democenter Workshops’ under the motto ‘Bussines Farctory as an innovation model’. Its objective: to create and generate a space for active participation in which different types of business, assistance or socio-sanitary assistance, health or technological proposals are explained and disseminated, also promoting specialized goods and services in this field.

The workshops consisted of six dynamic and agile spaces, lasting an hour and a half, that served to expand knowledge on a specific topic or the activity and product developed by companies and entities related to the scope of the III RIES18 Forum.

Given their practical nature, all of them supported their criteria and explanations with demonstrable data.

Companies and experiences

In this case, the workshops that were presented at the IIII RIES18 Forum were represented by:

The ‘Technology Showroom’ of the company Plexus Technologies

Plexus is an Information and Communication Technology (ICT) company specialized in the provision of high added value services. It has on its staff about 800 professionals who are experts in complex projects, implementation and maintenance of telematic infrastructures, application development, engineering design, or installation of computer systems. At the III ForumRIES18, Plexus presented its personal assistance robot and the projects with which it is currently working in the same field.

`Show Cooking Saludable 3D ’, by Exga3d

Exga3D is one of the new startups that knows how to use the rise of 3D printers to grow, although in a very different field than that of printing plastic parts or prostheses for humans: in this case gastronomy, since the company carries out 3D healthy food as it had the opportunity to demonstrate at the III RIES18 Forum with a practical demonstration and live tasting.

The Silver Economy, by Atendo

Atendo was born as a comprehensive concept of services for the elderly: Day Center, Home Help and Training. Over the years, it has expanded to services such as Memory Workshops, Specialized Clinics, Technical Aids and Community Housing. In this democenter Atendo presented the functionalities of NETA, an APP designed to improve care for the elderly with mild cognitive impairment.

‘e_Active and Healthy Aging and Independent Living’ presented by OMNI

OMNI is an assistance product integrated into the home television, designed for elderly people who live alone, who have some type of limitation or who do not have contact with new technologies. OMNI allows you to make and receive video calls simply and quickly. In addition, it offers a personalized grill of television channels.

OMNI incorporates several functionalities that make life easier, such as viewing images sent by family or friends on the television and managing on-screen notices and reminders, programmed by the client himself or by someone who cares about him. It also has a 24-hour video assistance service and a button that alerts the client’s relatives in case of emergency. Furthermore, these functions are configurable from the mobile phone through OMNIapp.

Innovation and humanization in healthcare: patient-centered care at the Axencia de Coñecemento en Saúde (ACIS)

The Axencia de Coñecemneto de Saúde (ACIS) is a Galician public entity created with the vocation of “becoming the nucleating element of the ecosystem of knowledge and innovation in health in Galicia” and a “new vision to face the challenges of knowledge” in the that the most valuable tool of health professionals for health care is knowledge. “Experience, training, research, innovation and new technologies guarantee the continuous improvement of healthcare practice and an integrated management of all of them is necessary to achieve maximum value for the patient”, clarify those responsible.

“Smart Cities, Water Solutions & Health” of the company GVSoluciones

GV Soluciones was established in 2006 with a team of professionals with more than fifteen years of experience in the environmental sector at the service of companies and institutions around the world. The company develops and manufactures products, designs individualized solutions, advises companies and manages projects for municipalities and industries, always working to improve water quality, as demonstrated in the democenter workshop of the III RIES18 Forum.


The workshop, with a duration of about 90 minutes, requires a practical demonstration, using the product and service in a fully operational and functional way in an interactive way in order to show its operation and explain its benefits.

The presentation structure consists of a brief introduction to the company or entity and its activity, identifying its key aspects, so as to facilitate a better understanding; also of several spaces of ‘requests and questions’ interspersed regularly during the workshop to facilitate and maximize the practical and interactive nature of the workshop; and the use of specific support material such as graphics, diagrams or flow charts, in the case of content with some complexity.