What is it and how does a city become smart, healthy and friendly?

This is one of the main concepts to be discussed and updated in the III RIES18 Forum. An international meeting that will bring together in Pontevedra, between October 24th and 26th, 300 professionals of recognized prestige from all over the world in the healthcare and health sector under the motto, “Smart, healthy and friendly cities : guarantee a healthy life and promote well-being in all ages ”.

The president of the Organizing Committee for this year, Lucía Saborido, is a renowned and prestigious Galician businesswoman who has spent years leading several projects related to health and the social and health sector. A task that has served the Galician Health Cluster the entity that organizes the III RIES18 Forum, to trust her as the most responsible person for all the details of the event.

In this interview, granted to the digital newspaper Xornal21, Saborido answers several questions that will be discussed at the RIES Forum regarding the latest news, innovation, research and advances in smart, healthy and friendly cities.