President Address

President Address

Patricia Rey

Patricia Rey Pérez

Addressing population aging from multiple perspectives to improve the quality of life and comfort level of citizens is one of the great challenges of our society.

Scientific advances, healthy lifestyle, technological development or access to health are some of the factors responsible for the increase in life expectancy, already above 80 years on average in some European regions.

From the Galician Health Cluster (Cluster Saúde de Galicia), CSG, we are aware of this reality. As a key agent for the interaction within partners from different areas of activity and knowledge, we have chosen Silver Economy as the central theme of the IV Forum RIES19. We will be analyzing the context and the opportunities that open up to this new period of “second youth”.

The city of A Coruña has been chosen to host this debate during 23th and 24th of October. It will offer an unmatched framework for the confluence of attendees from all walks of life: companies, administration, associations, foundations, users, etc.

We have tried to develop a balanced program, which encompasses the most relevant areas and allows us to present opportunities and challenges from a social, economic and business point of view.

We hope that the IV Forum RIES19 will be a space for reflection, knowledge exchange and, above all, a starting point to build a new vision adjusted to a reality that has come to stay.

From the Organizing Committee of the IV Forum RIES19 we want to thank all the people and entities that have supported this event in one way or another and invite you to share this inspiring journey.

Patricia Rey Pérez
President of the IV Forum RIES19
Organizing Committee