What is a PechaKucha

PechaKucha is a Japanese term that means “whisper” or “chatter” or “conversation”. It is also a presentation format created in Japan in 2003 that has been extended in event mode to more than 560 cities around the world.

How is the 20×20 format

The PechaKucha events are informal and fun meetings where different professionals meet and share their ideas and / or projects in a 20×20 format (20 images with 20 seconds each). It is also a presentation format created in which a group of presenters expose their projects through 20 images with 20 seconds of duration for each one.

III Forum RIES18 PechaKucha & Beers

 The objective is to create a pleasant atmosphere in which the speakers of the RIES2018, the CSG members, companies and our local collaborators can carry out an informal networking and engage in conversations in a relaxed way.

PechaKucha presentations

Democenter Workshops

Objective & Structure 

Create a space for active participation in which one of the following topics is explained and disseminated, also promoting specialized goods and / or services:

a) Technology Showroom
b) Healthy food / Foodtech
c) Silver Economy
d) eHealth Digital Hub
e) Innovation and humanization in health: patient-centered care

Duration: 90 minutes

The workshop requires a practical demonstration, using the product and / or service in a fully operational and functional way in an interactive way, which allows to show its function and explain its benefits.

There is a full flexibility regarding the workshop as long as the following premises / suggestions are kept:

Brief introduction to explain the corresponding topic identifying the key aspects, in order to facilitate a better understanding.

It is recommended to insert slots of “Questions and answers” on a regular basis during the workshop, to keep it as engaging as possible.

It is suggested the use of support material in case of complex explanations (graphs, diagrams, flowcharts …)

Attendees expect a dynamic and agile workshop that will help them to broaden their knowledge on the corresponding topic.

Given its practical nature, it is recommended to support the explanation with empirical data.

* The sponsor must provide all the necessary means for the workshop (computers, TV’s, work material, etc.).