Patricia Rey

The president of the Organizing Committee of the IV Fórum RIES19, Patricia Rey Pérez, was in the program La Brújula de la Salud, of Onda Cero, to talk about the challenges and opportunities that open up to the Silver Economy or “grey economy”. This is the central theme of the day organized by the  Cluster Saúde de Galicia on October 24th in Palexco, (A Coruña): to address the reality of population aging “with a positive vision”. You can listen to it here from minute 37.

“There is a challenge ahead but also great opportunities,” says Patricia Rey, at a time when “60 is the new 40” and “life expectancy and the activity of older people grow”, so it is necessary to “adapt.” This has been done, for example, by the  University of A Coruña,with more than a thousand senior people already enrolled in their classrooms, or the tourism sector. “They have seen it and at the time it was also an innovation that must now be extended to other areas,” she says.

Patricia Rey marks as short-term objectives in health issues such as advancing in “the sustainability of the system and the chronicity of disease treatments” to “gain quality of life”, since there are ailments that can reach 70 years and be present another 20 or more, so with such a long life expectancy no limiting treatments can be applied, exemplifies. Another of the challenges and innovations that it points to is “the prediction and detection of diseases through biomarkers.”

The business fabric, the “great guests” of the IV Forum RIES19

The president of the Committee of the IV Forum RIES19 calls on the business network, the “great guests” of the forum, to know the reality of the Silver Economy and adapt to it in an era in which we already talk about “telemedicine” and the “Gerontotechnology” as essential terms. “When developing new products and technologies, little has been done with users. It’s time to talk to the Silver and adapt to their abilities and needs.” she concludes.
Find out and register to attend the IV Forum RIES19

Find out and register to attend the IV Forum RIES19