The third day of the III RIES18 Forum program, on Friday, October 26th, consisted of an open day with a visit to the facilities of companies, institutions and technological centers of the “health ecosystem” of Galicia. A delegation from the organization of the forum, speakers and representatives of companies and entities associated with the Galician Health Cluster (CSG) and other collaborating clusters from the rest of Spain visited Saraiva, Hifas da Terra and Gradiant.


On this visit, the first stop was Saraiva Senior, where the group attended a guided tour of the entity. There, their managers, Lucía Saborido, Ricardo Otero and Noelia López showed them the facilities, operation and activity.

Saraiva is an entrepreneurial project focused on social innovation in the field of services for the elderly. Located in Pontevedra, it has three multi-service centers for the elderly that include residential accommodation, day center, memory unit, home help and active life unit. Its activity and philosophy are based on person-centered care and the housing model.

Hifas da Terra

Later, the delegation moved to Bora, a parish in Pontevedra where Hifas da Terra is located, a biotechnological center specialized in mycology applied to immunotherapy “with more than 20 years of experience in the research and development of adjuvant treatments from fungal extracts and mushrooms with antitumor, cytotoxic, antimetastatic, anti-inflammatory, regenerative activity, etc. proven ”, as explained by its deputy director general for Mycological Production and R + D + i, Esteban Sinde.

“With our own R&D team made up of biologists, chemists, pharmacists, doctors and oncologists,” said this expert, “we collaborate with research centers and universities, launching studies in cell models and clinical trials in patients that expand and consolidate the safe and effective use of mushrooms and fungi in integrative treatments ”.


Finally in Vigo, the group from the III RIES18 Forum moved to Gradiant, a private technology center, structured in a foundation with a mixed board of trustees that integrates the three Galician universities (A Coruña, Santiago and Vigo); six of the most important companies in the ICT sector operating in Galicia (Arteixo Telecom, Egatel, Indra, R, Telefónica and Televés) and the INEO Business Association, which in turn groups together a large number of Galician companies in this field.

Gradiant’s mission, as stressed by its managers, is summarized in “contributing to the innovative dynamism, growth and competitive improvement of the Galician business network through technological development and innovation in the use of ICT”.

Its philosophy is “to help companies generate business, integrating the transfer of knowledge and designing specialized solutions for the industry, adding the added value of the professionals of the center.” Gradiant, they concluded, “is the key ICT partner for companies to generate profits, innovating and designing products” on demand “for each client.”


The companies and entities that participated in this visit are:


Science Park Tehnopol, de Estonia

Axperia Ventures


Clinica Optimme

Centro Médico El Carmen





Asociación gallega de pacientes con parálisis cerebral