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“Smart cities are a necessary revolution for the proper functioning of a country”

By |28 April 2020|

Joan Cornet is the Manager of the ‘Digital Health Observatory. ECHAlliance’. He has been Manager of the ‘mHealth Competence Center. Mobile Wolrd Capital ’; founder and first CEO of [...]

The III RIES18 Forum brings the “living cities” of the 21st century closer to Pontevedra

By |28 April 2020|

How the environments, spaces, infrastructures and services influence the improvement of the health and quality of life of citizens, are some of the challenges that were presented at the 'Global [...]

Lucía Saborido: “There should be a global vision on how the environment affects people”

By |28 April 2020|

The president of the III RIES18 Forum, Lucía Saborido, talks about the concept of a living and human city -which should be part of the cities of the 21st century- [...]

Cividanes, Igape´s Director: “the Business Factory is an advantageous model of innovation”

By |28 April 2020|

The Director of the Galician Institute for Economic Promotion (Igape), Juan Cividanes                     The director of the Galician Institute [...]

“The Galician Health Cluster (CSG) with the RIES Forum promotes humanized technology, living, resilient and friendly cities”

By |28 April 2020|

The Galician Health Cluster´s Manager, Gisela García Álvarez                     The Galician Health Cluster (CSG) is a business cooperation project [...]

“Planning is the key to achieving smart, healthy, friendly and humanized cities”

By |28 April 2020|

The lawyer, social gerontologist, researcher, university professor and director of, Josep de Martí                     The RIES18 Forum organized by [...]

“There is no ‘smart city’ if we do not speak of a human, living, tolerant, inclusive and resilient city”

By |28 April 2020|

Carlos Moreno                   Carlos Moreno participates as a speaker at the III RIES18 Forum in order to revolutionize the concept [...]

“Cities are living communities that need water, shade, air, time and silence”

By |22 April 2020|

The Mayor of Pontevedra receives the researcher Carlos Moreno and other speakers from the III The Mayor of Pontevedra, Miguel Anxo Fernández Lores received this morning Carlos Moreno, researcher at [...]

Domusvi, Edesdev, Televés and Obra Social La Caixa star in the innovation day at the RIES18 Forum

By |22 April 2020|

How technology can facilitate people's lives, their health and daily activity, especially in old age, is one of the main themes of the round table “An ecosystem prepared for collaboration” [...]

The RIES Forum presents the new city: alive, humanized, friendly, healthy, bio sustainable, resilient and for all ages

By |22 April 2020|

The RIES18 Forum president, Lucía Saborido; the president of the Galician Health Cluster Rocío Mosquera; the Minister of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Industry of the Xunta, Francisco Conde López; and the [...]

The Bussines Factory as an innovation model: democenters and workshops at the III ForumRIES18

By |22 April 2020|

An important part of the III RIES18 Forum was represented by the ‘Democenter Workshops’ under the motto ‘Bussines Farctory as an innovation model’. Its objective: to create and generate a [...]

Clusters of the health and social sector throughout Spain will provide cross training to its partners

By |17 April 2020|

After three intercluster meetings in different parts of Spain, the five collaborating clusters - from the health and social sector - from Aragon (Arahealth), Castilla y Leon (BIOTECYL and SIVI [...]

The III Fórum RIES18 internationalizes the Smart Cities concept from Pontevedra

By |3 October 2018|

The Cluster Saúde de Galicia (CSG) continues its work to internationalize the concept of Smart, healthy and friendly Cities. To do so, they are finalizing the details of the III [...]

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