Letter from the Chairman of the Honorary Committee #RIES22

José Noya

The VII RIES Forum 2022 on Vanguard Health: healthcare innovation and new models of care will be held on October 26 and 27 at AC Palacio del Carmen, Santiago de Compostela

The reference forum of innovation in health at national and international level organized by the Cluster Saúde de Galicia, #RIES22, returns to Santiago de Compostela in its seventh edition. This year the VII Forum RIES 2022: Vanguard Health: healthcare innovation and new care models aims to address the innovative solutions that have been developed for an improvement in care and the challenge of matching this progress with an impact on care models. #RIES22 will be face-to-face, will take place at the AC Palacio del Carmen in Santiago de Compostela, and will take place on October 26 and 27.

The Forum RIES has been transformed into an event that seeks to initiate dialogue, seek synergies and generate actions. It has become an experience congress where contact is prioritized between all attendees who in turn are a key piece of a global innovation ecosystem.

On October 26, the pre-conference will be held, which aims to highlight the speakers, sponsors, collaborators and winners of the VII Forum RIES 2022.

The main day will begin on October 27 at 09:30 and will be focused on being a space to share knowledge and experiences prioritizing the quality of content, face-to-face and the generation of synergies seeking the impact on people. The day will feature keynotes, a round table, guided tours of exhibitors and agoras/networking spaces.

In addition, in order to enhance the international projection of the projects developed in our ecosystem and the collaboration of SMEs nationally and internationally, this year the CSG carries out several actions in parallel throughout the week:

For those interested in the potential of the silver economy market: 24/10/22 launch of the Senior Eco Nect project for the creation of an action plan to make visible and scale projects focused onthe +55 sector.

For SMEs: 25/10/22 EXPORPYMES, international fair for SMEs in the health sector, in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce of A Coruña

For the entire ecosystem that surrounds health in Galicia and national and international collaborations: 25 to 28/10/22 we are accompanied by a delegation from Northern Ireland on reverse mission as a continuation of the mission that the CSG and some of its partners carried out last May and framed within the collaboration agreement signed on that trip.

Galicia is a world center in every year Xacobeo. Forum RIES and the #ComunidadCSG, tries to turn Galicia, even for a few days, into a European epicenter of health and innovative projects in this industry.