Juan Carlos Alcaide, one of the best speakers in Spain and a recognized expert in Silver Economy, will open the keynote “What is the Silver Economy?” On the 24th in Palexco (A Coruña) on the IV RIES Forum19. Alcaide has given an extensive interview to La Voz de Galicia in which he talks about the essential path towards the total “silverization” of the economy, that is, the development of “friendly products and services for the elderly”.

“I can have a textile factory, and I must be sensitive so that the elderly can button up; and if I make jams, I must anticipate that the elderly can open the jars.” he exemplifies. Alcaide states that he notes “a clear leadership of Galicia” in adapting to the new reality of population aging, in which “people of 70 years will care for those of 100”.

Beyond the challenges that lie ahead, Alcaide considers “a wonderful social achievement” to increase the life expectancy of the population, and is convinced that “the technological revolution will serve to generate economic activity with effective care for the elderly. This revolution will bring “up to 100 million jobs in Europe in the next 50 years,” he explains in his interview with La Voz de Galicia.

Registration for the IV RIES Forum19

If you want to register for the open day of October 24th in Palexco you can do it here (The members of the Cluster Saúde de Galicia (Cluster Health of Galicia) and sponsors will also have an exclusive pre-day with invitation on the 23rd at the Domus. To request your invitation for the 23rd You should write to info@forumries.com).