Isaac Chocron, director of business development for Excem Technologies and OurCrowd Iberia, is one of the speakers who will be at the investor table next Thursday, October 24th at the IV Forum RIES19. On the occasion of this day on Silver Economy in A Coruña, Chocron speaks for the supplement Mercados de La Voz de Galicia in the article “Seniors, there is the future”.

Chocron says that technology focused on the elderly is the way. “Age tech is becoming the next vanguard market,” he says. “The good news is that this bum of aging is happening at the best possible time,” says the Israeli, because “technology has never been better and aging has improved significantly thanks to it.”

“For entrepreneurs who want to create new companies that solve real problems there are funds available, you just have to know where to look,” says Chocron, who will be in A Coruña to explain his vision of the Silver Economy and discover innovative Galician ideas in the field of population aging.

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