#RIES is the international reference forum at regional and national level to address the challenges and opportunities of the health ecosystem. Led by the CSG (Cluster Saúde de Galicia), it is created as a meeting forum between the main social and health agents of the public and private sector at European level, in collaboration with the ECHAlliance health ecosystem network.

The theme of the IV International RIES Forum will be “Silver Economy: for active and healthy aging”. The challenge of population aging from the perspective of opportunities has been identified by the CSG members as strategic and transversal for all the agents that make up the health ecosystem.

This new approach to the aging economy will boost research, innovation, job creation, revitalization of the economy and the improvement of life quality of the elderly, in accordance with the health and wellness goals set by the Objectives of Sustainable Development (SDG) of the UN and by WHO.

A Coruña, host city of the IV RIES Forum, is an open city and a reference point in the health and service field. For Galicia, autonomy that hosts the Forum, population aging is a structural challenge that must undoubtedly become a priority for social, health and economic development in the upcoming years.

RIES Forum in numbers

Organizing Committee

President of Organizing Committee IV Forum RIES19
Patricia Rey Pérez

Juan Longeira  Pérez
Pablo Guillemette
Alberto Villar Ferrer
Rocío Mosquera Álvarez
José Manuel Chao Ardao
Héctor Castro Bernardino
Noelia López Vázquez
Gisela García-Álvarez

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