EXPORPYMES is the renowned internationalization event for the promotion of foreign trade that the Chamber of Commerce of A Coruña has organized since 2013. The main objective is to promote B2B between international and Galician SMEs in the food, beverage, construction materials and nautical sectors. , all of them very representative of the export activity of Galicia. For the first time and in collaboration with the CSG, the health sector becomes one of the sectors represented, offering a unique opportunity for the health industry.

Galician companies have, in Exporpymes, a great opportunity to boost their competitiveness through internationalization, both towards consolidated markets and towards other emerging ones.

Due to the growth of the healthcare sector, this ninth edition will be organized in collaboration with the Cluster Saúde de Galicia, CSG, in order to include the main Galician and world players in these sectors. It will be held at PALEXCO, the main fairground in Coruña, and will be part of the actions of Fórum RIES, integrating all public and private Key Opinion Leaders.


This action is totally aimed at Galician SMEs who wish to internationalize or international SMEs interested in the Galician market or that want to establish collaborative ties with Galician companies.

Participating SMEs will have a table inside the fairgrounds and access to the entire venue at no cost. The selected international SMEs will have their travel costs (flights) and two hotel nights in Coruña covered by the Coruña Chamber of Commerce as long as they participate in both events: EXPORPYMES and #RIES22.

Due to the limited number of places available, a pre-registration is necessary for all SMEs that wish to participate (both regional and international).

Register here for the pre-selection: galician SMEs o international SMEs

  • Attending EXPORPYMES gives you direct access to #RIES22 (limited places)
  • The selected SMEs will be able to obtain a comprehensive understanding of the Galician health sector and its potential for internationalization as well as public-private collaboration in our sector.
  • Both Galician and foreign SMEs will have an exhibition space to display their products/services.

If you want more information, contact internacional@clustersaude.com and business@clustersaude.com

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