After three intercluster meetings in different parts of Spain, the five collaborating clusters – from the health and social sector – from Aragon (Arahealth), Castilla y Leon (BIOTECYL and SIVI Cluster) and Galicia (BIOGA and CSG) regions met again in order to consolidate common projects in the effective, useful and beneficial application for the entities and associates. The meeting took place in Pontevedra, within the framework of the III RIES18 Forum organized by the Cluster Saúde de Galicia (CSG).

Specifically, and as explained by the CSG cluster manager, Gisela García Álvarez, the group of clusters decided to evaluate the possibility of carrying out “cross-training between members and partners of the different clusters”. In other words, each of the clusters will be able to offer different training programs to the members of the rest of the clusters. As a first step, García Álvarez clarifies, “each of the clusters will ask among its associated entities, who of them are interested in hosting the training and of what type.”

In addition and in parallel, concludes the CSG president, Rocío Mosquera, also present at the meeting, “companies interested in receiving training to consolidate the project will be identified.”

All the clusters present will decide, after the meeting, the specific process to design and specify this training plan and the tools by which the partners of these clusters can access it.