#RIES is the international reference forum at a national and international level to address the challenges and opportunities of the health ecosystem. Led by the CSG (Cluster Saúde de Galicia), it has been created as a meeting forum between the main agents of the public and private health and socio-health sectors at a European level in collaboration with our strategic partners of the #CSGCommunity.


#RIES22 returns to Santiago de Compostela for its seventh edition. This year the VII Forum RIES 2022 aims to address the state of the art in health with innovative solutions that have been developed to improve care and the challenge of matching this progress with an impact on care models.

Join the most important experience event in the Galician Health ecosystem!

On October 26 and 27, 2022

Hotel AC El Carmen, Santiago de Compostela

Event with international scope

Gala dinner and award ceremony RIES22

Special collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce A Coruña in the EXPORPYMES event

Networking, synergies, and success stories

Congress format, experience it!

Program #RIES22

VII Forum RIES 2022 STATE OF THE ART IN HEALTH: Healthcare Innovation and New Care Models

This year, in order to promote the international projection of the projects developed in our ecosystem and the collaboration of SMEs at a national and international level, the CSG collaborates with the Chamber of Commerce of A Coruña to combine the celebration of #RIES22 (26/10 & 27/10 – Santiago de Compostela) and EXPORPYMES (25/10 – A Coruña) in the same week. This makes Galicia the epicenter of innovative projects in the health industry at a global level

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Program #RIES22

October 2th: Pre-conference #RIES22 – Gala Dinner & Awards#RIES22

11.00 Visit to the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela

12.45 Small bites and drinks at Mercado de Abastos

Exclusive for those registered for the visit to the Cathedral

At Hotel AC Palacio del Carmen:

16.00 - 17:30 CONNECTING HEALTH. Workshop "Digital Health Software-Platform Solutions"

19:00 Opening ceremony VII Forum RIES 2022

Julio García Comesaña – Ministry of Health. Xunta de Galicia.

Jose Noya –  President #RIES22 Committee

Rocío Mosquera Álvarez – President of CSG

19:20 Presentation Honorary Committee #RIES22

José NoyaPresident #RIES22 Committee

19:40 Presentation Awards #RIES22

José Noya – President #RIES22 Committee

Award “Innovation CSG”

Award “Impact on people”

Award “Knowledge”

Award “Community CSG”

Award “Revelation”

Award “Resilience”

20:40 Gala dinner #RIES22

22:00 Presentation of program & speakers #RIES22 Conference - 27/10

Gisela Garcia Alvarez – Managing Director CSG

22:30 Afterwork #RIES22

October 27th: Conference #RIES22

Presentations are either given in Spanish or in English. Simultaneous interpretation services are available for the full #RIES22 Conference

09:30 Opening and context #RIES22: Institutional Table

José NoyaPresident #RIES22 Committee

Patricia Fernández LizDirector of the Services Area at GAIN Galician Innovation Agency. Xunta de Galicia.

Norberto Penedo ReyDirector of Competitiveness IGAPE

Javier Ventosa Rial Deputy Director General of Social-Health Care and Healthcare Innovation. Ministry of Social Policy and Youth. Xunta de Galicia.

10:00 Keynote - Alberto Fuentes Losada

General Secretary of the Ministry of Health, Xunta de Galicia

Title: “Healthcare innovation in Galicia through technology”

The strategy of the Ministry of Health has always had a commitment to innovation in all processes and systems. Now more than ever, with an increasingly aging population, we need to follow the path of what has already been done with the continuity of the existing lines of action and with new ones, strengthening public healthcare, continuing with the digital transformation of Primary Care, and strengthening and renewing technologies, infraestructures and systems to empower citizens and improve care processes. All this while being aware that innovation is multidisciplinary and that without well prepared teams, innovations have little viability.

10:30 Round Table

Title: “Technological Innovation and Care Models from the public and private perspective.”

Moderator: Joan Cornet Prat CEO at Innohealth Academy


  • Estrella López-Pardo – Gerente SERGAS.  Xunta de Galicia.
  • Anton Acevedo Prado – General Director of Comprehensive Social and Health Care. Ministry of Social Policy and Youth.  Xunta de Galicia.
  • Francesc IglesiasHead of the Innovation and Research Support Office – Management Department
  • José Antonio García Parada – Manager within the Health and Social Services division. NTT DATA

11:45 Coffee break

12:15 Keynote - José María Pena Rodríguez

Chief Executive Officer DomusVI

Title: Creating the future of care

Demographic pressure and changes in generational habits are going to require new models that allow, on one hand, greater freedom of choice for the elderly and, on the other, care that is more focused on caring for the person. At DomusVi we want to participate and lead this evolution in which innovation and technology will play a leading role

12:45 Keynote - Tjaša Sobočan

Government Office for Digital Transformation Slovenia

Title: Slovenian healthcare system – in pursuit of a new social agreement for the next 20 years

Slovenia aims to raise new and better standards on healthcare system with integrated perspective of digital transformation and digital (social) innovations. What is the current status of Slovenian digital healthcare transformation? How does that support endeavours for integrated social and health models? Tjaša Sobočan will deliver a keynote to highlight Slovenian point of view on national healthcare ecosystem and the delivery of changes to the benefit of patient-centered approach

13:00 Social Project

Carol Mitjana Isarn – CEO of I feel, el método.

“Today he is 86, tomorrow you will be and only you decide how you want to live it.”

13:15 Agora DOMUSVI

14:00 Visit of authorities and speakers to Showroom #RIES22

14:30 Lunch

16:00 Greeting from D. Francisco Conde López

First Vice President and Minister of Economy, Industry, and Innovation. Xunta de Galicia

16:15 Visit of authorities and speakers to Showroom #RIES22

16:45 Agora PlexusTech

Do we transform? Do we innovate? Do we digitize?

17:15 Keynote - Johan Halvarsson

Lead at SuperEcosystem (project manager), Finland

Title: Ecosystem development on steroids – SuperEcosystem

From 0 to 100, in no time. The story of how to capitalize on an opportunity, like COVID-19, where the world closes down and business is interrupted. Hear Johan Halvarsson talk about how they achieved “Think BIG and Act LOCAL” success using both bottom-up and top-down approaches.

Insights include how the SuperEcosystem Meta-Cluster was developed and how they facilitated the collaboration of different sector verticals like Energy and Agri-Food together with Health and Water. Johan Halvarsson will walk you through the evolution of Ecosystems and Clusters and present a use case of how EU level initiatives trickle down to real business growth, with players including regional policy makers and their S3 topics, clusters and ecosystems, down to business.

17:45 Coffee break

18:15 Keynote - Richard J. Banchs

Associate Professor, ​​University of Illinois Hospital Chicago

Title: Innovation: Barriers to change

Innovation is defined as the invention, adoption, and diffusion of solutions that achieve improvements in the treatment, diagnosis, prevention, delivery, and access to healthcare. There are numerous barriers to the successful implementation of innovation: technical, regulatory, reimbursement, adoption, and customer based. The framework and strategies to address some of these challenges are described. Examples of initiatives in the US are presented.

18:45 Social Project

Javier Pitillas TorraFounder of DISCAMINO

Título: Project DISCAMINO

19:00 Keynote - Alfredo H. Remón M

 National Director of Norms, Standards and Special Verticals. National Authority for Government Innovation of Panama

Title: Covid19 information system for the national vaccination strategy PANAVAC19

Development of an end-to-end digital system that would achieve real-time traceability of vaccinated and biologicals and be able to have real and reliable data for decision-making data analysis, and promote transparency and trust in the vaccination strategy

19:30 Closing and conclusions

19:45 Closure

President #RIES22 Committee

Rocío Mosquera Álvarez – President of CSG

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