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For this sixth edition we are initiating a change. We want  Fórum #RIES21 to transform into a person/user-centered participative event with focus in exchanging innovative solutions for identified needs. We are preparing a new space for the exchange of knowledge of the Health Ecosystem. For this we are rooting for it to be face-to-face at a the prime location of Balneario de Mondariz.

A unique event that will serve as a meeting point, with interactive dynamics to reflect on the most important and current issues of the ecosystem, get to know the Key Opinion Leaders/stakholders that operate in it, obtain information, knowledge and collaborations that have an impact on the benefit of its entities and its people.

The program is divided into two days, a pre-conference day (November 10th) and a conference day (November 11th).

Tickets #RIES21

Presidency CSG

Rocío Mosquera


Committee #RIES21

Miguel Álvarez Iglesias

(atlanTTIC – Presidency Committee #RIES21)

Beatriz Gil de Araújo

(Fundacion Biomedica Galicia Sur – Vice-presidency Committee #RIES21)

Luis Barros (Atendo)

Ricardo Fra Otero (Activiza)

Alberto Lázaro (Coquus)

Carmen López (Balidea)

#Team CSG2021

Gisela Garcia-Álvarez (Managing Director)

Lucia Rendo (Communication Department)

Diego Fernández (Managing Department)

Laura Castaño (International Department)

Rebecca Eckhardt (Trainee at the International Department)

Thematic Blocks VI Forum RIES21

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